Manresa Enrichment Centre

​​​​​Welcome to our school library. In 2011 this flexible open learning space was created offering a contemporary learning environment for the whole school community. 

The Library is known as The Manresa Enrichment Centre.  It is an enrichment centre because it is far more than a library in its traditional sense.  It has become the heartbeat of our school enriching all learning.  It was so named because our school patron saint, St Ignatius of Loyola underwent his final conversion and in many ways was transformed in a small cave in the tiny Spanish town of Manresa.  It is our hope that all who enter our Manresa Enrichment Centre are also enriched and empowered to go forth in their lifelong learning.


Who works in the library?

Mrs Susan Ross is the Teacher Librarian - working Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Mrs Dianne Donalson is Library Assistant - working Wednesday.