​​​Students are expected to attend school each school day of the school year.  Irregular attendance can be disruptive to a child’s education.  If a child is absent from school, the parents are asked to provide a note of explanation to the teacher, or inform the school by either phoning the office, emailing the office and the teacher, or entering it through the BCE App or the Parent Portal. Students should arrive at school prior to 8:30 am so all students are at school before the bell rings. Similarly, students should leave the school grounds as soon as possible after 3:00 pm (unless attending Out of School Hours Care).

School commences at 8:30 am and classes cease at 3:00 pm each day, Monday to Friday.  1st Break is taken from 10:35 am – 11:15 am and 2nd Break from 1:20 pm to 1:50 pm.  Play ceases when music plays at the end of recess breaks and students have to again prepare themselves for class.  Parents are required to sign in students who are arriving late, and sign out students who are leaving the grounds before the conclusion of the school day. There is a laptop system to record this information at the Front Office.
Students are to be seated during break times for 10 minutes to eat lunches.

Parents are reminded that there is no formal playground supervision provided by teachers before 8:20 am and after 3:20 pm.  It is in the interests of the safety of the students not to arrive at school excessively early.  After school supervision is provided by teachers from 3:00 pm – 3:20 pm each day. If parents are unable to collect students by 3:20 pm they should be enrolled in OSHC.

Please see the current Attendance & Absenteeism policy below

St Ignatius Attendance and Absentee Policy