Playground Arrangements

​​We have implemented systems in regard to before and after school rituals, with our Covered Area.  We are very excited to have this facility and see it as a welcoming gathering space for children and parents and friends. The children assemble there in the mornings, before school and at both breaks. We hope that our parents and friends will use this space to gather socially with each other before and after school.

Before School

All children should go directly to the Covered Area upon arrival at school. No child is permitted to be in any other area of the school at this time. They are required to remain seated until the arrival of the teacher on duty at 8:20 am. No child or parent should go to a classroom before school unless an appointment time has been arranged with the teacher. No play is permitted on the Adventure Playground before school.

After School

Any parents/carers collecting their children may do so from the Covered Area.  We encourage parents to meet with other parents in this area, but at all times taking responsibility for their children’s safety after 3:00 pm. No play is permitted on the Adventure Playground after school.  All children being collected from the Grove St Pick-Up Area are under the supervision of the teacher on duty until 3:20 pm.  We ask that this area be purely devoted to children waiting for their name to be called so that they may safely be sent to their respective cars.  We continue to reinforce the importance of each car displaying their family name as they drive toward the teacher on duty.