​​​​We honour all facilities in and around our school by naming them after people who have had enormous influence on the shaping of our charism.

The buildings are named Fitzgerald, MacKillop and Leonard after a Jesuit Priest who began the Holy Spirit Church in Auchenflower, the patron saint of our Archdiocese and a Mercy Sister who ensured culture was alive and engaging for students at St Ignatius School.

Our Library is known as The Manresa Enrichment Centre - the 'i-centre' for the school.  It is an enrichment centre because it is far more than a library in its traditional sense, it has become the heartbeat of our school enriching all learning.  It was so named because our patron saint, St Ignatius of Loyola underwent his final conversion and in many ways was transformed in a small cave in the tiny Spanish town of Manresa.  We would hope that all who enter our Manresa Enrichment Centre are also enriched and empowered to go forth in their lifelong learning.

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Our Hall is called The Mercy Hall, in honour of the Sisters of Mercy who founded and established our school.  Their rich traditions and spirit permeate our culture immensely, and in particular, in our sense of outrea​ch to all.  We continue to walk in the footsteps of Catherine McAuley.

Our Top Field is named the Susan Palmer Field, after a mother of students in our school, who passed away in 2006.  Her husband Clive Palmer has been an extraordinary and generous benefactor to our school. The multi-purpose playing field is used extensively and has panoramic views of Brisbane city. The Covered Outdoor Learning Area (COLA) is on this field and offers another space for the school community to gather and work. 


Our lower play area is called Coram Play Space named after it's proximity to Coram Lane and is a lovely natural environment for students to enjoy.​​

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 ​Our uppper play area  is called Quins Quater named after Father Peter Quin who was our Parish Priest for many years and is a new contempoary play area for students to enjoy. This play area is located beside the Susan Palmer Field.


St Ignatius offers 'State of the Art' faciliti​es for the school community with wireless access throughout the school and air conditioned classrooms. 

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