​​St Ignatius School offers a contemporary learning environment for students and staff incorporating a range of technologies which facilitate learning at all levels.

Brisbane Catholic Education supported an initiative for a Cisco wireless system to be created  in the school.  All areas are now covered under this wireless range including the Hall, and the Covered Outdoor Learning Area on the Susan Palmer Field.  This development allows for seamless use of laptops throughout the school's indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Each room is fitted either with an Interactive Whiteboard or touchscreen television offering an engaging delivery of content to classes and allowing flexibility and innovation by the teachers.

There is a bank of 30 laptops available in the library where whole classes can book and work on particular projects as needed.  As well, there are small banks of laptops available for use in all classrooms. 

Mobile technologies have been introduced in 2011 with packs of iPads and iPods purchased for targeted learning. 

In 2012 the Year 4 and 5 students commenced a 1:1 laptop program allowing teachers to more fully engage their students as digital learners. In 2019 the device used for this program in Year 4 is a Surface Go.

The school's portal for staff and students offers a online environment for teaching and communicating with the school community.  

The Parent Portal offers parents a secure and authoritative source for all informaiton re the school.