Help when you research

​​​​ Which search tool could you use?


Kids Britannica



Where can you look for pictures?

​Google Images

Picture ​Australia​





B​​iographical Dictionary​



Typing skills:



Touch Typing Online​



How do I evaluate a website?  

Use the SMART questions to help you make your evaluation.

  • S: Is it suitable? 
    Does the information answer my questions?
    Is it in language I can read and understand?
    Are there images which directly illustrate the text?
  • M: Is it manageable?
    Is it easy to navigate?
    Is the information in chunks that I can manage?
    Is it easy to read with headings and a clear font?
  • A: Is it accurate?
    Who has taken responsibility for the information?
    Is it from a reliable source?
    Are there references so that I can cross-check the information?
  • R: Is it reliable?
    Who owns the website?
    Is the information likely to be objective?
    Is it telling me something or selling me something?
    What can I learn about the site from the URL?
  • T: Is it timely?
    Is the information up to date?