Support for your children

​​St Ignatius offers support to all students in the school.  This is facilitated through the Support Teacher Inclusive Education (STIE), the Guidance Counsellor and other external providers. 

The Guidance Counsellor visits the school once a week and is available to meet with parents, students and staff as required.  The first point of contact to arrange one of these meetings is through the class teachers.

The STIE is available at school three days a week and works in collaboration with the classroom teacher in ways to best support the children.

St Ignatius has access to the services from the Speech Pathology Department from the University of Queensalnd.  The Phoenemic Awareness for Literacy program (PAL) runs for ten weeks and targets students in the middle years who are experiencing phoenemic aareness difficulties. 

For information on Travel Assistance for students with a disability, please click here.