School Fees and Levies

​​​​​​​​St Ignatius School endeavours to charge families a just and equitable fee each year, based on the minimum fee set by Brisbane Catholic Education.  Families of two or more children receive a discount on their account.  Fees accounts are sent home at the beginning of each term. 

As well, once during the year, parents are requested to pay certain levies which cover resources used by their children, the cost of materials used in lessons, and a Parents and Friends’ Association levy.

All families will receive term accounts and all are encouraged to pay fees.  However, any difficulty, or inability to pay school fees should not prevent any child from receiving an education at St Ignatius School.  Such difficulties should be discussed with the Principal and confidential alternative arrangements made.

We welcome benefactors who may like to contribute towards another family's fees. Please contact the Principal if you are interested.

The St Ignatius School Board has set School Fees, Building Fund and Library Fund donations and Levies for 2021.

Primary School Fees

1 child family​ $504.75 per term ($2,019 pa)​
2 child family​ $804.50 per term ($3,218 pa)​
3 child family​ $1023.75 per term ($4,095 pa)
4 child family​ $1079.75 per term ($4,319 pa) 
​5 child family

$1079.75 per term ($4,319 pa)


Plus Compulsory Levies

Prep Levy $360.70  per term
Year One Levy $140.50  per term
Year Two Levy $117.25  per term
Year Three Levy $117.25  per term
Year Four Levy $230.00 per term
Year Five Levy $402.80 per term
Year Six Levy $261.50 per term
P & F Levy $172.50 per family per annum.
Building and Education Levy $212.50 per term ($850 pa)


Please click here​ for information on what the Levies cover for each year level


Plus Book Packs



​Year 1 ​$119.75
​Year 2 ​$134.60
​Year 3 ​$163.35
​Year 4 ​$129.05
​Year 5 ​$180.70
Year 6 ​$116.25​



Library Fund Donation* (tax deductible)

Per family     $53.75 per term ($215 pa)


School fees can be paid in Cash or by Eftpos, Visa or Cheque to the school office during opening hours. We also have the option of Direct Debit to have your fees paid directly into our account. If you are interested in this option, please download the Direct Debit form​, fill it out using the 2021 Ready Reckone​r​​​ or calculate online here and return to the school office.

​If you are in need of financial assistance for COVID related matters, please fill in the COVID Concession form​ and return to the school office.

When a family leaves the school a four week notification is required in writing before any concessions on fees and levies would be considered.

Refund Policy​​​

All requests for refunds must be made in writing (email or post as detailed below). The request should have the details of the initial payment including the date, amount, name of the payee, receipt number and the nature of the error.

For errors made by St Ignatius School or its financial institution a full refund will be made upon notification, and all costs borne by St Ignatius School.

For errors in amount paid, the payee has 60 days in which to notify St Ignatius School. St Ignatius School is under no obligation to give a refund if an error has been made on your part, but will endeavour to ensure that any genuine errors (such as to the amount paid) are rectified. St Ignatius School reserves the right to deduct any bank or transaction charges for any refund processed onto the payee.