​​St Ignatius School is at the forefront globally with its Languages program offering Italian weekly to students from Prep to Year Six and being the first Primary School in Queensland to run a CLIL immersion program.


The Italian Curriculum follows the specific Australian Curriculum for Italian and the Language Specialist Teacher integrates her planning with Year Level Teachers. The program is inclusive and current and naturally incorporates all the capabilities especially, literacy and intercultural understanding.


Students in Prep to Year 4 enjoy an Italian language program full of culture, stories, communicative and CALL approaches, play, cooking, movement and music.


The St Ignatius Language Program continues for Year Five and Year Six with a focus on CLIL or Content Language Integrated Learning. As a form of immersion or bilingual program, CLIL is presented in a normal classroom through a Learning Area such as Science or Geography via the delivery of another language, for example, Italian. CLIL or Content Language Integrated Learning is a program that is relatively new to Queensland, though it has been the best Language learning program adopted worldwide for many years.


Opportunities for performances in Italian, competitions and Pen pals are offered throughout the year. Each year, St Ignatius students and the school community enjoy an Italian celebration where all are immersed in the daily culture and language of Italy like Carnevale or il Palio.