School Goals and Achievements for 2016


Re Validation

We completed this on 14th June with a favourable outcome. The panel reported  that the:

St Ignatius School Religion Education program is responsive to the needs and religious backgrounds of students and the contemporary contexts for learning religion in the classroom;

 Makes strong connections on its website and in its Religious Education Program to the history of the local faith community and the stories of the founding orders, Jesuit and Mercy.

Continue our outreach programs​

The following charities were supported enthusiastically by all stakeholders; Project Compassion, Mercy Works, Murri Ministries, Daniel Morecombe Foundation, St Vincent de Paul and Ovarian Cancer Council.  Also supporting local Catholic school who had an influx of refugee students and used resources were sent to PNG.

Continue staff and student engagement of Ignatian Spirituality​

100 years of Jesuits in the parish celebration, which included a dedication to Father Peter Quin SJ and the unveiling of the Mary Mackillop sculpture and blessing. Mercy twilight  was organised for staff and was facilitated by Sandra Lupi RSM. The jubilee Year of Mercy has been further promoted with staff through Pope Francis’ Book ‘Amoris Laetitia’. The students have embraced the year of Mercy by using the phrase ‘may mercy be with you’ when greeting people and they have common shared understanding of mercy to mean respect and forgiveness.

Learning and Teaching​

Successful introduction of PLL role. Continuation of establishing excellence in learning and teaching and this has included the consistent approach to learning intentions, success criteria, feedback, student goal setting and the review respond and reset model. In monitoring data and student progress.

The continuation of a lead teacher who specialises in data analysis. This examines student data in collaboration with teachers, which informs teacher pedagogy. This enhances pedagogical practice so that it is data and evidence-informed. 

Learning and teaching environments have continued to be shaped to be adaptive and responsive to the changing structure of schooling and visible learning principles.

An enrichment specialist teacher was introduced this year to develop technologies to enhance learning.

J-Time, Stepping Stones, Ant Petrol and You Can Do It programs are continued to be used to provide pastoral care, protection of students, student behaviour support and foster social and emotional-wellbeing. We have employed a guidance counsellor to support students for extra hours.

Professional Practice and Collaborative relationships​

New leadership team was introduced and the decision making matrix was also introduced to ensure transparency.

Professional learning communities continue to develop effective pedagogical practice and are used to ensure the improvement of student outcomes.

The Parent Portal continues to be the authoritative source of school communication. This was further enhanced by the introduction of the BCE phone app. We continue to gain feedback from all stakeholders of how these systems can be improved.

We continue to utilise the Parent Portal according to the needs of the audience e.g Liturgy and Mass photos, classroom updates, celebration days.

St Ignatius prayer book was published and celebrated by the whole community. ​

Strategic Resourcing​

Pastoral advisory board has continued to work with the Principal to oversee the five-year maintenance plan and major engineering works.

The P and F continue to be a valued source of the school and are installing a new playground.

We continue to ensure equity and justice for those in financial need.

Sustainable environmental practices are embedded into the organisational structure and processes of school e.g composting system. ​