Principal's message

I remember at the outset of my contract I took on the mission of Future Proofing this amazing school in Toowong. One important aspect of future proofing is of course to always hold at the heart of all we attempt, our Mission and Vision.  We continue to build upon the solid foundations of our 110 plus year old school.

At the heart of all I administer is the core business of any good school and that is to ensure the highest quality teaching and learning for all stakeholders. To this end one contribution to this goal is that I ensure a small teacher/student ratio, and choose to cover the extra staffing costs at school level, not covered by formulas of Brisbane Catholic Education.

Each year we are guided by our overarching Strategic Renewal Plan.  From this plan we develop our goals for the year based on consultation with all stakeholders in our local community and the priorities of professional bodies and governing authorities.  To the end, a recurring theme each year is to ensure a safe, healthy, holy and productive school environment is provided for all stakeholders and that the principle of stewardship directs the allocation of school resources.

We continue our commitment to offering quality teaching and learning which draws on pedagogical practice that is data informed and evidence based and aligned with the Australian Curriculum and the BCE Learning Framework.  We also want to ensure that our contemporary learning environments are responsive to the changing structures of schooling and diverse student populations and that our students are given every opportunity to utilize information, communication and learning technologies.  A high percentage of our resourcing is given to this commitment.  Professional Development of staff in the forms of conferences, training, mentoring, master classes and coaching has resulted in high levels of improved practice.  Financial resourcing in the forms of grants and P&F support has ensured that more and more portable technical devices are available for students on a daily basis.  We wish to ensure that our academic climate for learning is a contemporary learning environment in our digital world.  Our 1:1 Laptop program exists from Years 4 to 6.  The lower years have access to a lab of desktops as well as banks of laptops and mobile devices. 

A range of curricular and extra curricular activities occur including: Fitness and Skipping Clubs, Think Quest, Robotics, Italian Day, RAP (Reconciliation Awareness) Day, Parish/School Masses, Instrumental Studies, Media Studies, Art Exhibitions, Speech and Drama, Art Therapy, Book Week, Perceptual Motor Program, PASS (Partnership with Indigenous Students Sporting Program), Incursions for Maths and Science, Choir, School Band, Prep/Year Six Buddy Program, Outreach Programs, Visiting Asian Students from Hong Kong and China, QUT Mentoring Programs with Student Teachers to give some examples from the plethora of opportunities provided at St Ignatius School.

Of high priority for myself as a principal is whilst always aiming for academic excellence, is to cater for the healthy well-being of all students.  I make it my major goal that they are safe in their environment,  and safe  in their social/emotional/spiritual intelligence.   It is my aim to continue to ensure that the special charism of Ignatius and the charism of Catherine McAuley permeates the development of the whole person of all students in my care. 

The sense of Mission in Outreach is paramount to all stakeholders in the St Ignatius Community.  Our active school community has provided financially, physically and pastorally to the following:  neighbouring schools suffering hardship, Lenten money to Caritas, Eddie’s Van, Rosie’s Van, Murri Ministry, St Vincent de Paul, Daniel Morcombe Foundation, Grantham Appeal, distressed families within our own community, Catholic Mission, Jesuit Mission, Papua New Guinea School and the Mercy Foundation. 

We are fortunate now to enjoy State Of the Art Facilities, including well equipped classrooms, the Manresa Enrichment centre and the Library, the Mercy Hall along with the magnificent Susan Palmer Field - all outstanding in their function and enrichment for all. 

Finally I take this opportunity to thank our students for doing their ‘best’ in all they do, our staff for their remarkable commitment to their vocation and to you, our parents, for your strong support  in assisting us to shape the learning pathways for the students in our care. May we continue to Lift Up Our hearts for the greater glory of God.


Roycelyn Wilden M.Ed. Lead.; Grad Dip Arts; Grad Dip Ed.; Dip Teach.; L.S.D.A.; A.S.D.A.