Primary School Boarding for Girls in Years 5 and 6

​​​St Ignatius School is partnering with Stuartholme School to offer rural and remote families a unique primary boarding school experience.

From January 2014 girls in Years 5 and 6 may board at Stuartholme School while completing their primary schooling at St Ignatius School in Toowong.

The primary educational programme, coupled with Stuartholme’s specialist boarding experience, ensures each girl has an opportunity to discover, develop and value her talents, in two loving, caring and protective environments.

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Enrolment Details

  • Students will be formally enrolled in Stuartholme School in accordance with the Stuartholme School enrolment process for boarding and will pay Boarding fees and any other costs associated with boarding to Stuartholme School.  Stuartholme School will directly invoice parents for these costs.
  • Enrolment of students at St Ignatius School for day tuition will occur in accordance with the process for St Ignatius School. St Ignatius School will directly invoice parents for the tuition fees and other costs associated with the education of students at St Ignatius School.
  • Students are expected to follow the policies and procedures, where applicable, of both schools.
  • Stuartholme School boarding students attending St Ignatius School will be issued with school academic reports by St Ignatius School. Families of these students will be provided with opportunities for face to face reporting and feedback as is generally scheduled by the staff of St Ignatius School.
  • Parents of students enrolled in boarding at Stuartholme School and attending St Ignatius School will be given access to any electronic material/portal that other St Ignatius School parents access. Stuartholme School students and parents will receive all communications electronically, and have access to the Stuartholme School portal. 
  • There will be a Stuartholme School and St Ignatius School point of contact to raise issues of concern regarding students enrolled in both schools. In order to ensure that such exchange of information is in accordance with relevant privacy laws, St Ignatius School and Stuartholme School will each ensure that they obtain the necessary consent from the enrolling parents/guardians of each student to share information with the other school.
  • Stuartholme will be responsible for the safe transport to and from St Ignatius School each day of the students boarding at the School.
  • Stuartholme School remains responsible for this student during the period of her illness, and will make the necessary arrangements with St Ignatius School.  
  • Stuartholme School boarding students attending St Ignatius School will be given the choice of participating in optional activities offered at St Ignatius School. These activities include the school socials, school camps and holiday trips. Where there is a cost to students for these activities, the parents of the student will be expected to meet this cost. Parents will make payments directly to St Ignatius School. Any arrangements for transport of the student to these activities to and from Stuartholme School will be facilitated by Stuartholme School.
  • Stuartholme will ensure students attending St Ignatius will have a packed lunch provided each day.  
  • Both schools will negotiate processes to ensure students who require medication are supported and appropriate procedures for the issuing of medication are followed.

For enrolment enquiries, please contact us.